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Sculpted Long Navajo Hanging Feather Earrings Handcrafted Sterling Silver Indian Jewelry

Beautiful elegant Indian feather Navajo hand-crafted earrings stamped by artist on the back. All ste..

$40.99 $34.99 Ex Tax: $34.99

Shiny Black 14-Strand Beaded Bracelet with Wood Clasp Mother of Pearl

Beautifully handcrafted bracelet made with glass beads strung on 14 elastic strands. Sturdy hook cla..

$15.99 $12.99 Ex Tax: $12.99

Shiny Black Hand-made Elastic Stretchy Beaded Bali Belt With Wooden Hook Buckle

Beautifully crafted belt made with glass beads strung on durable elastic strands. Starts at 29-inche..

$29.99 $26.99 Ex Tax: $26.99

Shiny Grey 14-Strand Beaded Bracelet with Wood Clasp

A beautifully handcrafted glass beaded bracelet Bracelet with wooden rings is around 6 inches long (..

$15.99 $12.99 Ex Tax: $12.99

Shiny Silver Round Palmetto Moon Slide with Dark Blue Background

Beatiful silver-tone lead-free round inlay palmetto-moon slide/pendant with a dark blue background i..

$28.99 $17.99 Ex Tax: $17.99

Silver Flexible Dragonfly Slide and Brooch

Offering a growing selection of high-fashion slide/pendants. In addition to our South Carolina palme..

$18.99 $13.99 Ex Tax: $13.99

Silver Tone Adjustable Flat Stock Round Collar Choker Necklace

Open back adjustable shiny silver flat stock choker necklace for slides or pendants. Made from a dur..

$19.99 $14.99 Ex Tax: $14.99

Silver Tone South Carolina State Shape Palmetto Moon Slide Pendant

A beautiful silver tone lead-free fashion jewelry slide to be worn on a choker or chain. Measures: 1..

$20.99 $17.99 Ex Tax: $17.99

Silver Tone Wire Fish Slide Pendant

Excellent wire fish slide/pendant for a choker or necklace. Shiny silver or gold tone mix. Made fr..

$19.99 $13.99 Ex Tax: $13.99

Silver V Choker Adjustable Jewelry

Silver or gold lead-free and nickel-fee adjustable choker. Sleek elegant V design. Excellent for sli..

$19.99 $13.99 Ex Tax: $13.99

Small Silver Cubic Zirconia Palmetto Pendant

Stunningly beautiful extra-small size palmetto / palm tree pendant. Measures 3/4 x 1/2-inch. Baile f..

$39.99 $33.99 Ex Tax: $33.99

Small Square Stabilized Turquoise Stud Earrings Twist Wire Border Original Zuni Indian Jewelry

Small handmade zuni earrings made in New Mexico by native Americans. Square stabilized turquoise ste..

$39.99 $22.99 Ex Tax: $22.99

Small Sterling Silver Bear Claw Opal Stone Genuine Handcrafted Navajo Dangling

Sterling silver small handcrafted Navajo indian hanging bear claw earrings with a small round simula..

$26.99 $23.99 Ex Tax: $23.99

Small Sterling Silver Genuine Handcrafted Navajo Post Hanging Feather Sythetic Coral

Sterling silver small handcrafted Navajo indian stud hanging feather earrings with synthetic coral s..

$39.99 $26.99 Ex Tax: $26.99

South Carolina 2 Tone Gold Palmetto Moon Tree Domed Oval Slide Pendant

Silver lead-free oval pendant with raised palmetto tree with crescent moon pendant/slide for your ..

$18.99 $17.99 Ex Tax: $17.99